Bathroom Cabinets

Lumino not only have a range of stunning mirrors, a fantastic range of bathroom cabinets are available too. The range includes a collection of stylish features that make getting ready stress free and your bathroom look beautiful and modern.

We offer a wide range of illuminated and non-illuminated cabinet mirrors to provide practical storage space whilst adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Lumino’s collection of bathroom mirror cabinets combine two useful elements into one single piece of bathroom furniture – that all important storage space, and a mirror.

A mirror is not only useful in its traditional role, it can also create the illusion of a bigger room and bring extra light into a smaller space. Our illuminated bathroom cabinets are a great option, acting as an extra light, but with a targeted location where light is needed most – the bathroom.


Discover our range of bathroom cabinets today, and you'll soon see how they are the perfect space saving solution, perfect for easy access to all of your bathroom essentials.

Your spoilt for choice with our LED and LED illuminated cabinets. You can make your storage space the show stopping feature of your bathroom with a stylish yet functional bathroom storage solution.

All our LED illuminated cabinets feature energy efficient lights and come in a range of styles to suit any modern bathroom. Our selection of LED battery cabinets are the perfect choice for when you have to fill a tricky space. With energy efficient LED lights, these cabinets provide the functionality of illuminated LED battery cabinets without the hassle of having to install an extra plug socket.

So, if you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your newly designed or updated bathroom, Lumino is the right shopping destination, with our range of cabinets are able to combine beautiful design with functionality and ensure your bathroom is as much practical as it is stylish!