Demister Cabinets

Mist on a bathroom mirror can be extremely frustrating, especially in those times when you don’t have long to get ready for your day. Not only does it make post-show beauty routines more challenging, trying to clear the mist away using your hand can leave unsightly marks and can be difficult to remove.

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Each of Lumino’s illuminated bathroom cabinets has a wide range of additional features available, such as our dimester bathroom cabinet mirrors which are ideal for those times when you’re unable to see yourself clearly in your bathroom mirror during or immediately after a bath.

To solve the issue of fog and mist blocking your view of the mirror, the demister cabinet provides gentle warming to the mirror surface preventing condensation from building up and use low energy technology to keep your running costs to a minimum.

This choice of bathroom cabinet is designed to give you a clear reflection despite the warm and moist conditions a bathroom can create. This heated cabinet tackles steam emission through the cabinet’s infrared sensors and defog mirror.

It’s important to not run the demister cabinet continuously, it should either be on a timer or connected to a lighting circuit so it only heats when the bathroom is in use.

The demister prevents steam build up leaving you with a completely clear reflection, no matter how much steam is in the room.