Installation Questions

Are Lumino mirrors and cabinets safe to use in the bathroom and where can I install them?

All Lumino models meet the relevant safety standards. The main one is IP44 which means the mirror or cabinet is safe to be splashed with water (but not submerged). IP44 rated appliances can be installed within ‘Zone 2’, which is detailed below (this is also contained in the installation manual).


How are Lumino mirrors and cabinets powered?

We have both battery and mains operated models. The battery powered models use AA batteries, the number required and life-span will be indicated in the product description. Most of our styles are mains powered, this means you will need to run a wire from the mains circuit to the desired location of the mirror or cabinet prior to installation. We strongly suggest using a qualified handyman to do this if you are unsure.


How do I mount them? Can I mount them on any type of wall?

Both mirrors and cabinets are relatively simple to mount. For the mirrors you’ll need to drill some holes and screw in the provided screws leaving the head exposed. The mirror is then hooked onto the screw heads. Lumino provide a template in each pack to help you get the holes in the right place. The cabinets use a mounting plate, attach the plate to the wall then sit the cabinet on the plate and drill holes, screw and secure at the top. Both cabinets and mirrors are relatively light and you can mount on any type of wall including dividing walls. Lumino provide the screws and plugs to mount on plaster/plaster board, brick and stone walls. If you have wooden or hollow walls you will need to purchase some inexpensive mounting screws for wooden/hollow walls, available at most hardware stores.


Is any assembly required?

No! All Lumino mirrors and cabinets come ready to mount. For the cabinets you will need to select which height you would like the shelves. You’ll simply need to insert the shelf clips either side at your chosen height then clip in the shelves themselves, a two minute job! Each cabinet has two shelves.