Buying Guide & FAQs

How much light does a Lumino mirror or cabinet provide?

There are two main reasons people install a Lumino illuminated mirror or cabinet; to provide extra light and to add a dash of style. We hope you’d agree that all our designs add a dash of style, but some will add more light than others. All styles will give you enough light to perform bathroom tasks like shaving, but if you primarily looking to add light then we suggest designs such as Pessanta, Celeste, Coro & Clarino mirrors, and Allegro & Ossia cabinets.


Will a Lumino illuminated LED mirror suit my bathroom?

Lumino provide the widest UK range of mirror & cabinet designs to make sure we have a style to suit your bathroom. Please see our galleries for examples of Lumino adding style to contemporary, classic, rustic and many more types of bathroom. We believe a mirror or cabinet should not just be a functional commodity item it should be a design piece, something to be proud of. And something you will literally want to high-light!


How are Lumino mirrors and cabinets powered?

We have both battery and mains operated models. The battery powered models use AA batteries, the number required and life-span will be indicated in the product description. Most of our styles are mains powered, this means you will need to run a wire from the mains circuit to the desired location of the mirror or cabinet prior to installation. We strongly suggest using a qualified handyman to do this if you are unsure.


What’s the big deal about LEDs? Why are they different to Fluorescent T5 lights?

LEDs are super energy efficient and last for ages. We use a couple of different types of LEDs, with the average life span lasting 75,000 hours before you would need to change them. Typical daily use is four hours per day which would mean you could use a Lumino mirror or cabinet for 51 years before you’d need new LEDs! All our models use LEDs, but beware, some cheaper products out there use fluorescent or ‘T5’ lights. These last a couple of months before they need changing, which often requires the mirror or cabinet to be taken off the wall….that’s why Lumino always use LEDs!


What is an infra-red motion sensor and how does it work?

The infra-red motion sensor allows you to turn the lights on the mirror/cabinet on or off without actually touching a switch. You need to swipe your hand 5-10cm below the sensor, the first swipe turns the lights on, the second swipe turns the lights off, they do not have a timer (it can be frustrating if you’re having a long bath and suddenly the lights go out!). The lights are not activated by walking into the room or in front of the mirror, only by swiping your hand near the sensor.


What is a de-mister pad and how does it work?

The demister pad prevents steam or mist on the mirror when you’re in the shower or bath, a pretty handy feature! The de-mister pad gently warms the mirror to prevent misting, it takes about 3-5 minutes to fully de-mist, depending on the temperature in your bathroom. This function is operated by a small switch on the side, it’s independent of the lights so if you’d like both the lights and the de-mister on you’ll need to flick the de-mister switch and also the infra-red sensor for the lights.


Can I use the shaver socket for my toothbrush? How does the shaver socket work?

Yes, you can use the shaver socket to charge your electric toothbrush! In fact you can use it to charge or power any devices that use the shaver socket style connection such as toothbrushes, beard trimmers, hair trimmers, shavers and any other devices with low-voltage connections. The socket is permanently powered and you don’t need to switch it on, simply plug in your appliance. The dual voltages are 110-120v and 230-240v, please note that most UK bathroom suitable appliances are 110-120v. The sockets are usually located on the right side of the mirrors or top-right inside the cabinets (so you can leave your appliance to charge inside).


What are they made from? What’s the difference between Aluminium and Steel?

Lumino only use the best quality materials. We believe it’s best to provide something that will last and look great too. The structure of most of our mirrors and cabinets are aluminium. Aluminium is non-ferrous meaning that it’s completely rust resistant, it also looks great too! Our entry range has a white powder-coated stainless steel structure which is also rust resistant so long as the surface is not scratched off. Both come with the legendary Lumino guarantee. We use the highest quality tempered glass so the shelves won’t break even if you have a bathroom mishap!


Is any assembly required?

No! All Lumino mirrors and cabinets come ready to mount. For the cabinets you will need to select which height you would like the shelves. You’ll simply need to insert the shelf clips either side at your chosen height then clip in the shelves themselves, a two minute job! Each cabinet has two shelves.